What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnotherapy in childbirth refers to the use of hypnotherapy to assist in the birthing process. Hypnobirthing is a conglomeration of technique used to facilitate a calm, gentle and controlled natural birth.

 It functions on the premise that most labour-related pain is as a result of fear and tension which can be diminished or completely eliminated with hypnotherapy. Research into this practice has found reductions in pain during birthing, and may also shorten the duration of labour and reduces medical interventions during delivery.

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Hypnotherapy during childbirth is based on the theory that to experience an easy and comfortable birth, women need to have an understanding of the way in which the uterus functions naturally during normal childbirth when unencumbered by fear, along with the ill effects of the fear-tension-pain cycle on the birthing process. Birthing women and their support partners are taught strategies, such as relaxationmeditation and visualisation, that allow the body to birth normally without restrictions to assist in pain free, easier, more comfortable birthing.

Why is hypnobirthing so beneficial?

Studies have shown that hypnosis and self-hypnosis during childbirth may leads to:

  • decreased average length of labour
  • lower cesarean section rates
  • decreased use of pain relief medication such as gas and epidurals
  • increased ease and comfort of labour and birth (self-reported and observed)
  • emotional satisfaction of having their birthing partners informed, involved and supportive.

In addition to this, the majority of women experiencing hypnosis during childbirth in their second or subsequent births report feeling more in control, confident, relaxed and focused, and less fearful, than during their other birthing experiences.

Who can benefit from Hypnobirthing?

Mother , birthing partner and infant can all benefit from hypnobirthing. When the birthing mother has control over her body (through relaxation and breathing techniques) and remains in a calm, relaxed state, that directly transfers through to the infant , most hypnobirthing bubs born are calm and relaxed at birth, this is because the mother has remained calm and has been in control of her body during labor and birth.


The birthing partner plays a significant role in mother and child’s ability to achieve this relaxed state. The birthing partner is the support structure, and acts as the mediator between birthing  mother and the rest of the world during labor and birth.


Private & Group Sessions available. Course  Consisting of 12.5 hours of Hypnobirthing techniques. Classes are anywhere from a 1 day intensives to 2 full days – 2 Sundays with-in the month (depending on estimated due date). Course resources & Hypnobirthing CD’s included. Tea & snacks provided:

Group sessions:  $550   (Early Bird, payment required one month prior to class $495) or

$ 275 x 2 ( Two installments over a two month period)

Private Sessions $ 700

Please phone to discuss your individual circumstances 07 4755 2100

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Upcoming Classes 2017:

Weekly Classes;

– June – Thursdays – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th  – 6.30 pm-8.30 pm

– August –  Tuesdays – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th – 6.30 pm -8.30 pm

– October – Tuesday 3rd, 10th, 24th, 30th , Thursday 19th – 6.30 pm-8.30pm

One day intensive class;

2017 – June – Sunday  18th – 9am -5pm

– July – Sunday 9th – 9am – 5pm

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– November – Sunday 26th – 9am-5-pm

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